Transforming Hotel Lobby Retail Into a Compelling Guest Destination

Self checkout kiosk - lobby retail

Investments in hotel lobbies have grown significantly over the last few years. Hoteliers are taking time to renovate this area where first impressions are made so that it reflects the overall property, foreshadows the other amenities offered, and allows guests to experience and engage with the brand on a more personal level. Extending this investment to hotel lobby retail helps hoteliers create spaces that attract more guests and generate more revenue. Below are three areas of hotel lobby retail that are ripe for transformation.


Design elements throughout the lobby make all the difference when it comes to guests’ first and lasting impressions. People who are visiting, whether it be for business or for pleasure, are usually looking forward to a local experience and something that sets the hotel apart. Implementing local designs—whether through the furniture or artwork—allows guests to connect with their surroundings.

Hoteliers’ focus on implementing local design should span beyond the lobby to hotel retail. Incorporating local art and fixtures that are reflective of the community creates a certain ambiance that will encourage guests to explore the hotel, purchase items, and even hang around the lobby area to enjoy them.


Self-service kiosks in a hotel lobby retail store allow for an interactive check-out experience and make guests feel more in control of their purchases. When successfully designed to be user-friendly and accessible, modern technology can make people feel more at ease, leading to more gratifying experiences that eventually turn into increased, positive GSS scores and revenue.


Food & Beverage

A major part of the lobby retail store is fresh food and beverage options. Hoteliers can better keep guests on the property by giving guests more health-conscious options and showcasing more exclusive food and beverage options.

Hoteliers could also put together fresh food events that allow guests to mix and mingle in the lobby while trying out items available in the lobby retail store. Teaming up with local vendors to put together events that showcase unique food and beverage items increases guest satisfaction and makes them feel like they’re living like locals. These events also create stronger vendor-hotelier partnerships.

Hoteliers must ensure that the hotel lobby is not only a place for guests to check in and out of their rooms or grab a quick cup of coffee, but rather the place for everyone to experience a destination without actually leaving the hotel.

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Ronai Rivera is the marketing and communications manager for Denver-based Tradavo. Rivera is responsible for internal and external marketing programs and brand awareness within the hospitality industry.