Five Ways to Keep Pests Out of Hotels Before They Get In

Rat, rodents - pest control

Hotels are quick to eliminate pests once they get into a property, but many fail to consider the preventive steps they can take prior to an infestation. Drew McFadden, director of marketing and research for the pest prevention product company Xcluder, discusses ways hoteliers can keep pests out before they get in.

Close entry points.
“Examine the property for entry points by looking low for pests that crawl and looking high for pests that climb. Rodents are especially good climbers. Make sure all of a building’s entry and penetration points are in good repair.”

Infrastructure care matters.
“Places with gaps, sealing, and mortar are invitations to pests, so make sure to fill and repair any holes. And, if there are gaps under a door, correct those with door sweeps.”

Remove conditions conducive to pests.
“There are all kinds of different places where critters can get in. Shrubbery, bushes, and growth provide excellent harborage for rodents. Clear that away and trim back bushes. If trees are overhanging the building, those are basically an elevator to the roof.”


Adhere to sanitation upkeep practices.
“If there’s a dumpster right up against the building by the back door, that’s not a good situation. Nor is setting trash out in bags by the back 
door and only occasionally hauling it to the dumpster. Keep trash as far away from the building as possible.”

Train staff to be mindful. 

“If the kitchen staff has a habit of 
propping the back door open, bugs and rodents can get in. Situations like that can be remedied with training, and that’s your first line of defense for keeping pests out.”

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Robin McLaughlin is digital editor of LODGING.