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Don’t Let Pests Be Guests: Five Ways to Prevent Infestations During COVID

In the wake of COVID-19, hoteliers now face operational changes aimed at preserving guest safety. This is especially true when it comes to servicing...
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How Removing Touchpoints Can Open the Door to Pests

Hoteliers reopening their doors amid the pandemic are reworking their procedures to ensure guests and employees are safe. From utilizing mobile check-in and key...

Less Foot Traffic and Fewer Food Sources Embolden Pests During COVID-19

Apparently rats, insects, and other unwelcome hotel visitors didn’t get the memo about social distancing. As entomologist Michael Bentley, director of education and training...
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Eight Hot Spots for Bird Activity on Hotel Properties

Nothing spoils a guest's stay at a hotel faster than pests. That usually conjures images of insects and rodents in people's minds; however, hoteliers...
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The Tomorrow of Bed Bug Treatments Today

The expression “don’t let the bed bugs bite” may be more relevant today than ever before. According to a 2018 National Pest Management Association...