Standing Up and Out with a Cup of Joe

The very idea of standing out in a crowd—actually, just being in a crowd—seems unthinkable in these days of social distancing. However, there are few better ways to endear yourself to those who love their cup of Joe than to provide them the best possible coffee experience. Yet, says Devin Burns, vice president of rooms and food and beverage at Omni Hotels & Resorts, pleasing guests’ palates was only part of the thinking behind offering them Omni’s proprietary Stance Coffee, which, Burns says, is unique both from a taste profile and how it’s sourced—that is, in a way that lets Omni stand up for farmers.

Westrock coffee brands, including Stance, explains Burns, are processed without harm to the farmers, their employees, peers, and environments, thus creating meaningful change in the lives of coffee-farming families. “The Stance Coffee team lives and works at origin, where the coffee is harvested, in strategic collaboration with the supply chain partners to ensure responsible sourcing that is profitable from the farm forward,” he describes.

All in all, Burns says, featuring this proprietary coffee blend combines Omni’s commitment to customer service and corporate responsibility. “Providing excellent guest services and the highest quality food and beverage experiences have been priorities for Omni Hotels & Resorts since our inception. Offering Stance, which is sustainably sourced from over 7,000 farmers, makes us the first in the hospitality space to deliver transparently traded, Farmer Direct Verified to our customers. It also allows us to partner with a great, ethically sourced, Arkansas-based coffee company whose core values align with ours.”

Beyond supporting the Omni brand with a positive social message, says Burns, is an engaging aspect about the Stance brand that customers can explore. “Each Stance Coffee bag is marked with a QR code, allowing customers to connect directly to learn more about the coffee in their cup and the stories of the farmers and destinations in which it originated.”


Burns says Omni plans to leverage the compelling story behind Stance Coffee, as well as its gustatory appeal, in its marketing endeavors. “In addition to supporting the farmers behind Stance Coffee by serving it in our coffee bars, we plan to offer it in our larger group and catering events and for purchase. We are also looking at creative ways to include Stance Coffee in our group events including welcome gifts, ‘Coffee All Day’ setups and offering branded items like tumblers, hats, aprons, and shirts.”

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