Six Tips to Safeguard Hotels From Electrical Hazards


Electrical safety is always on the list of top priorities of hoteliers because many electric machinery and equipment are commonly used in hotels. The presence of water and fire in kitchens, restaurants, and bars makes the situation more vulnerable.

It’s not only about protecting the loss and damage to the property; electrical protection from current and electric fire is required to save the lives of guests and staff members present in the hotel.

Here are six preventive measures to keep the electrical hazards away from a hotel:

1Test and Inspect Regularly

Prepare a schedule for routine electrical safety tests and inspections. Tests should be comprehensive, and a skilled and competent electrical engineer should perform them timely. A team member should be responsible for keeping all the crucial equipment in maintained condition. All the electric accessories, appliances, and cables should be intact and need to be replaced if they show any sign of wear and tear. Delegate this task of electrical protection to responsible team members.

2Run Timely Maintenance

The electronic equipment might seem fine without maintenance for a couple of more months, but electric equipment and wiring can come in close proximity to staff and guests. Therefore, it can be a fatal mistake not to send electrical equipment for maintenance on time; the circuits may be overloaded, the cords could be worn out, or the inside wiring can be faulty. These blunders can be caught during regular maintenance. A person from senior management should inspect if timely maintenance is carried out or not.

3Hire Great Contractors and Electricians

Every year, a lot of insurance claims citing faulty electric work are filed by hotels and restaurants. The best way to not be a part of that list is to hire the best possible contractors and electricians. When the time comes to appoint contractors and electricians, look for qualification and experience first and then price. A hotel or restaurant can’t be reliant on cheap and faulty electric work.

4Use Good Quality Materials

The electrical material used in the fittings of the building is vital for the electrical protection of the entire building. The decision of which electric material should be bought must not be based on cheaper rates, convenience, or any other factor apart from quality. An electrician or electrical engineer can advise on the right kind of material. The recommendation from the suppliers and dealers sitting in the market also comes in handy. Knowing the brand that is best for commercial set-ups like hotels and restaurants is important.

5Acquire Knowledge and Training

Every team member must get basic training and education regarding electrical safety. This training should provide knowledge about preventions while working around electrical equipment, keeping well-maintained electrical equipment, and other necessary steps to prevent electrical hazards. This training can also involve locating breaker switches and damaged electrical cords. The electrical safety training program can be run based on the recommendations of bodies like NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

6Keep Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers in Working Condition

An electrical mishap resulting in a fire can happen despite ticking all the boxes. Thus, the fire alarms and fire extinguishers should always be in working condition. The monthly repair and maintenance of the smoke detectors should be done without fail. Employees also need to run a full maintenance check on the fire extinguisher once a year.

Staying Aware

Any hotel can be safeguarded against fire hazards by following simple electrical safety measures like performing timely checks, maintenance, and repair, as we as conducting training programs, using standardized electrical materials, and taking the services of qualified electrical engineers. Other ways of electrical protection can also be taken depending on the requirement of the set-up.

About the Author

Jeson Pitt works with the marketing department of D&F Liquidators.

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Jeson Pitt works with the marketing department of D&F Liquidators.