Serving Stayovers: 5 Often Overlooked Tasks


Often, there are more than 100 tasks that a room attendant must complete. While a housekeeper typically spends 20-30 minutes cleaning an on-change room, they often spend less than half that time servicing stayover guestrooms. Here are five frequently overlooked tasks when cleaning stayover guestrooms.

1Bathroom Amenities

Joseph Abboud Toiletries

It’s imperative to replenish toilet paper if there is less than a full roll remaining. Nothing is as awkward or embarrassing as running out of toilet paper when it’s immediately needed. The standard practice is to leave at least half a roll on the spool and a full roll on the shelf. Don’t forget to check the amount of remaining facial tissue. Any soap, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, mouthwash, and lotion that has been opened should be replenished with a full container.

2Beverage Amenities

Coffee, tea, creamer, sugar packets, and stirrers all need to be restocked. Ensure that there is a full complement of unused or properly sanitized coffee cups and drinking glasses. Discard used disposable cups if they are empty, but do not touch cups or glasses with liquid inside them because they may contain a guest’s contact lenses soaking in solution. And don’t forget to empty used ice buckets and replace the plastic liner!

3Desk Amenities

Guests will often take hotel pens and note pads with them when they leave their guestroom. Replace missing pens, note pads, room service order cards, tip envelopes, and other writing stationary as needed. Don’t move any notes, receipts, business cards, or other written items left by a stayover guest.

4Lights and Outlets

Ensure that all lights, lamps, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, and alarm clocks are operational. Even though it is not uncommon for guests to find a lamp or alarm clock unplugged, it’s still a service failure.

5Window and Door Security

Window film

Room attendants must visually inspect every window and door lock, handle, and viewfinder during guestroom servicing to ensure that they are properly operational and have not been tampered with. Finally, double check that every window and door is fully closed and locked before departing the guestroom.

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