Spray buffing hotel floors

Spray Buffing Hotel Floors for Safety, Gloss, and Savings

Floor care today seems more complicated than ever. Hotel housekeepers and administrators are faced with dozens of choices when it comes to strippers, sealers,...
Hotel Laundry

What Hotels Can Learn From How Hospitals Do Laundry

Hospitals and hotels have a lot in common: a demanding and increasingly well-informed clientele; a large hierarchy of workers with varying levels of responsibility;...

Preserving Mattresses: When (and if) to 
Rotate or Flip

For hoteliers, the expense of replacing mattresses can be huge, as one mattress alone may be the single most expensive piece of furniture in...

Spending More on Housekeeping Doesn’t Make Hotels Cleaner

The M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation at the University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee (USFSM) recently published its Gradebook for Cleanliness in...

Achieving an At-Home Feel in Hotels, Beginning With the Bathroom

Staying at a hotel should be a relaxing, worry-free, and clean experience. When it’s not, guests are sure to complain. Today, most travelers read...

Technology Innovations for the Future: What To Expect in Room Attendance Efficiency

Guestroom cleaning is one area where advances in technology have far surpassed their implementation. While the vast majority of hotels still rely on handwritten...
New York City

Five Markets With the Most Hotel Construction

Analysts at Lodging Econometrics recently reported the top five markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines for the third quarter of 2018. The number...
angry guest

The Room Key: How To Handle an Angry Guest

The Room Key is LODGING's advice column for hoteliers, managers, and team members at all levels of hospitality. Experts will answer questions on everything from...
data breach

12 Ways to Increase Hotel Security

Even when hotels have strong security policies and procedures in place, they are still vulnerable to cyber attacks, break-ins, theft, fraud, and other crimes....
Kinley Chattanooga

Vision Hospitality Group Adds New Lifestyle Portfolio: Humanist

Chattanooga, Tenn.—Vision Hospitality Group unveiled plans for its newest boutique hospitality brand, Kinley. Kinley will be part of the overarching company’s new Humanist lifestyle...