Moxy Hotels Debuts YouTube Series

BETHESDA, Md.—Moxy Hotels, Marriott International’s contemporary and edgy lifestyle brand, in collaboration with the company’s Content Studio, will premiere “DO NOT DISTURB,” a new YouTube web series hosted by Taryn Southern, the comedian, creator and star of Taryn TV, on Nov. 12.

The eight-episode series will air weekly on and Moxy’s YouTube channel as a fun virtual extension of the brand.

“We partnered directly with YouTube influencers and enabled these creators to do what they do best—tell original stories, engage audiences, and ultimately create entertaining content where the brand plays a character in the story,” said Vicki Poulos, global brand director, Moxy Hotels. “We chose to partner Moxy Hotels with Taryn Southern, who like our brand, is someone young at heart and not afraid of challenging the status quo, to show the world what ‘moxie’ really means.”


Set up as a slumber party, “DO NOT DISTURB” was taped in YouTube Studios in a mock-up of a Moxy bedroom, where Taryn interviews and gossips with celebs about their careers, travel habits and quirky experiences on the road. Southern gets answers to the questions you only wish you could ask a celebrity at 2 a.m. in their hotel room—what were the last three things that Flula googled? How does Mamrie Hart cure a hangover? Other special guests include Sawyer Hartman, Bart Baker, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Lisa Schwartz, Steve Greene, and Nikki Limo.

The first two episodes to premiere will feature YouTubers Flula and Mamrie Hart, irreverent pop culture personalities whose “Truth and Dare” sessions with Taryn leave little to the imagination. Taryn Southern’s beatbox back-up during Timothy DeLaGhetto’s freestyle rap show how they both found their individual moxie.

“Marriott International launched its Content Studio to further its focus on Next Gen travelers by producing engaging and entertaining content to build worldwide communities of people passionate about travel,” said David Beebe, vice president, creative and content marketing at Marriott International. “Moxy Hotels’ DO NOT DISTURB web series is a perfect, playful illustration of our strategy of not interrupting what consumers are interested in—instead becoming what they are captivated by through creative storytelling.”

The series debuts as Moxy Hotels prepares to aggressively enter the U.S. market. Ten Moxy Hotel projects are slated to open in 2016 in major metropolitan locations in the U.S. including New Orleans (French Quarter and Warehouse District), San Francisco, New York City (Chelsea, Midtown, and Lower Manhattan), Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, and Washington, D.C.

Moxy Hotels’ tech-enabled rooms feature Keyless entry, screencasting, abundant plugins, motion sensor lighting under bed, and free Wi-Fi. The Guestbook, located in the lobby of Moxy Hotels, is a global digital platform leveraging Instagram that collects stories, images, quotes, videos and experiences from everybody that passes through or touches Moxy. The Guestbook seamlessly sits between digital and real life as all the content not only lives on the website, Instagram and Wi-Fi hotel screens, but is featured on a video wall which has been integrated into the design strategy.

Filming for the series took place at YouTube Space LA in conjunction with VidCon. The first “DO NOT DISTURB,” video featuring Flula can be viewed on Moxy’s YouTube channel, here.


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