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Meeting Planner

The One Practice That Will Earn a Meeting Planner’s Trust

Even with the best of intentions, some hotel sales managers unwittingly prioritize winning the sale before building trust with the meeting planner. By simply...

Three Tips for Staying Ahead of Hotel Repairs

When it comes to predictive maintenance, it’s all about the basics. Here is what hoteliers should keep in mind when implementing predictive maintenance at...
Book group business

Five Closing Tactics to Book Group Business

Blazingly successful group sales managers and directors don’t wait to initiate the close. They work the close right from the start. Today’s meeting planners are...

Ask Anthony: What is the Foundation of Any Business?

Anthony Melchiorri, hotel fixer and host of Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, loves dishing out advice. From sharing best practices to tackling operational issues, he’s...
The Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina in Hampton

Four Basic Principles for Business Longevity

Mumford Company’s Senior Principal David Mumford says his company has been able 
to “survive and prosper” by adhering to 
these basic principles:   1. Integrity is...