Norman Jenkins’ Advice To Mentees

Diversity & Inclusion Award Recipient Norman K. Jenkins

Norman Jenkins leveraged his years of skill building in various positions at Marriott into building a successful company of his own, Capstone Development. To the countless mentees who seek to emulate his success, he says, “I don’t exactly encourage people to ‘be patient’—because life can pass you by—but you need to be measured and prepared. When the right opportunity presents, seize it and never look back.” Jenkins shares three pieces of advice.

“When the right opportunity presents, seize it and never look back.”

1Be intentional.

“You cannot just allow your career to unfold. You must be very intentional about your goals and aspirations. Figure out where you want to go and work backwards in terms of identifying the necessary steps to reach your goal.”

2Be prepared.

“Work hard and develop the skills you need to perform at an optimal level. Your next opportunity is closer than you think. Be prepared!”

3Bet on yourself.

“If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, you need to have a strong belief in yourself. Unforeseen obstacles will surface, so you must be prepared to pivot. There are plenty of well-intentioned people that may attempt to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Ignore those naysayers; bet on yourself.”


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