TechnologyNomadix Inc. Releases Expanded Product Line Named Nomadix Networks

Nomadix Inc. Releases Expanded Product Line Named Nomadix Networks

LOS ANGELES—Nomadix Inc. announced its newly named and expanded product line: Nomadix Networks. Adding to its portfolio of internet gateways and guest-facing technologies, the company offers wireless access points, controllers, and LAN switches designed to comply with hospitality standards, including Marriott’s GPNS. Nomadix Networks enables hotels and multi-tenant operators to upgrade their infrastructure with WiFi 6 technology and meet the exponential internet and IoT growth demands while providing secure and easy management for properties.

The new product line is complementary with the rest of the Nomadix product portfolio, creating a single source for procurement and support. Nomadix Networks offers a choice of indoor, outdoor, and wall plate options to allow resellers and end customers to construct networks that meet their property needs.

“Our partners and customers have been using the Nomadix gateway family to manage their internet connectivity and bandwidth for many years and have repeatedly asked for an expanded product line to support their networks,” said Ted Helvey, chairman and CEO of Nomadix. “We are delighted to now be in a position to do so with the latest technology coupled with innovative pricing aimed at helping the industry through its recovery. This is a natural evolution for our company and aligns with our ‘better together’ strategy from both a business and technology perspective.”

The Nomadix Networks has flexible pricing for new products, for both capital budgets as well as a pure operating budget model with no upfront capital expenditures through select partners. The company will continue to collaborate and work closely with other networking vendors, giving hotels and multi-tenant properties a choice in their infrastructure solutions.