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Rest and Relaxation: Enhancing the Guestroom Sleep Environment

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to our well-being. It recharges us and provides us with energy to face the new day. But...
Man using a tablet — technology concept

Nomadix Inc. Releases Expanded Product Line Named Nomadix Networks

LOS ANGELES—Nomadix Inc. announced its newly named and expanded product line: Nomadix Networks. Adding to its portfolio of internet gateways and guest-facing technologies, the...
Walker Zanger Kaleidoscope

Supply Line: Seven Hotel Bathroom Essentials

All the Hotel Bathroom Essentials The Ahala Bath Collection by Paradigm Trends has a simple shape, crafted from sustainable mango wood and a metal liner,...
Villa Lagoon Tile Ombre Collection

Supply Line: 10 Interior Design Products for Hotels

Perfectly Imperfect Villa Lagoon Tile’s new and first-of-its-kind Ombré 
Collection cement tiles are artisan-made and are perfectly imperfect. These tiles can be used in entryways or to create an...
Forbes Travel Guide Brand Official

Forbes Travel Guide Names 2019’s Best Products and Services for Luxury Hotels

Forbes Travel Guide this week named its 2019 Brand Officials, which are selected to represent the best products and services for the luxury hospitality...