Knowland: January 2023 Meetings and Events Volume Led by Phoenix

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland announced that the Phoenix, Arizona market led the U.S. meetings and events industry by volume for January. Second place went to Orlando, with Washington, D.C. taking third. The leading industry driver for meetings was technology across four of the top five markets.

Knowland’s data provides insights into what markets and drivers are leading the industry each month to shift market share and build sales bases. This data is a subset of Knowland’s pipeline generation platform.

  • Year-over-year comparison: January 2023 increased 88.9 percent over January 2022. Additionally, January realized 11.1 percent growth over 2019.
  • Top five markets by volume: Phoenix was in the lead hosting primarily pharma/biotechnology, followed by healthcare and financial/banking. Orlando closed out the month with technology groups at the top and healthcare and pharma coming in second and third. The next three markets, Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; and Dallas rounded out the top five markets.
  • Top five markets by percentage growth: Buffalo, New York; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Detroit, Michigan realized the largest percentage growth over January 2022.

Kristi White, chief product officer, Knowland, said, “The United States meetings and events business is back, growing both year over year and over historical baseline years. The January number seems a bit outlandish but it illustrates how much Omicron impacted that month. As we move deeper into the year the comparisons will tighten. Looking at the growth markets, it’s nice to see tertiary markets with the largest growth. These should be exciting to watch in the coming months as growth spreads even more.”

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