Inside Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis

Designed to act as a social hub for the 
St. Louis Grand Center Arts District, the Lawrence Group’s Angad Arts Hotel immerses its guests in constant, spontaneous creativity of all kinds, celebrating the surrounding artistry. The hotel is meant to represent art in every facet of its construction and function, from pop-up installations and impromptu performances, to the hotel staff uniforms, which are designed by St. Louis-based designer Reuben Reuel, creator of the brand Demestik.

Rather than a lobby proper, The Angad Arts Hotel features a 12th-floor sky lobby, which houses a 360-degree video art installation and a 14-foot light fixture with dreamlike video art projected on its surface, ranging from flying people to bursts of color. The lobby also acts as a working art gallery curated by Art Saint Louis, complete with a specially created app that can be used to purchase artwork or communicate with the artists.

The hotel even offers an inventive way to choose from the 146 rooms, as they are categorized by color and a corresponding representative emotion: passion—red; tranquility—blue; happiness—yellow; and rejuvenation—green. Each room features artwork commissioned by St. Louis artists, though every facet of the room will be accessorized to align with its assigned emotion and tone, potentially including rubber ducks, sleek furniture, or plush embellishments.

American chef David Burke, known for opening over a dozen restaurants throughout his career, chose the Angad Arts Hotel for his St. Louis debut, Grand Tavern by David Burkel. The full food and beverage operations are overseen by chef Burke and E2 
Hospitality, also including in-room dining, the rooftop, and the lounge.



Photo Credit: Alise O’Brien on behalf of Angad Arts Hotel

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Megan Kelly is an intern at LODGING.