Located on the banks of the Charles River in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Studio Allston brings a contemporary flavor to the area, combining history and community to cultivate a hotel stay unique to the property. The hotel highlights dramatic art installations from more than 20 artists currently in spaces including the lobby, bar, meeting areas, and guestrooms. Isenberg Projects, which directs the art throughout the property, assisted in selecting which artist’s work would be displayed and where.

The hotel recently underwent major renovations, which included the transformation of several suites. The new Naturalism Suite celebrates Boston landscapes; the Top of Mind Suite conjures a sense of calm and peace; the Reel Countdown Suite creates a cinematic mood, with black-and-white striping patterns; and the Unplug & Play Suite is designed like a quilt coming to life. There is also the Drink in the Cosmos Suite—designed by artist Jim Drain, which combines a utopian vision of Space Age modernism with a 1960s style.

Studio Allston is provocative in its design but also gives local artists an opportunity to create something different. General Manager Arnaldo Almonte says, “The vision for all our spaces—including our suites—is to stimulate curiosity while offering a uniquely alluring experience for our guests and for our team.”


Unusual Furniture
Dyer Brown, the firm responsible for the project’s architecture and interior design, meticulously chose the furniture for the hotel, and they “had the intention of filling these unique spaces with furniture you wouldn’t find at any other hotel,” Casas says. “The furniture—along with every other amenity and corner of this hotel—is just an extension of our uncommon spirit.”

Space-Age Modernism
Artist Jim Drain explores utopian ideas in his artwork, which is seen in the suite’s wall-covering mural. The property’s sales and marketing coordinator Veronica Casas says, “He intentionally created a space meant to make guests forget about their exterior surroundings, where life within those four walls is completely and drastically different from life outside the four walls.”

Event Space
“These suites are designed not only as places where you can stay overnight, but also where you can relax and unwind with friends,” Casas says. “They’re also meant to be booked for meetings and dinners. It could be a place where you entertain everyone around you.”

Play to the Senses
Various textures in elements like furniture, walls, and flooring add to how the space looks and feels. Almonte adds, “One of our other goals is to enliven the senses, not just visually with great art, but also with great textures and seating that capture the curiosity of our guests.”


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