OperationsTwo Ways Successful M&A Integration Can Also Help Drive Profitability

Two Ways Successful M&A Integration Can Also Help Drive Profitability

Analyst works on computer1. Combating technology creep.

Over the past 10 years, advances in cloud-based technology have outpaced our ability to fully absorb their capabilities. Narrow-focus HR tools with specific and valuable capabilities have been implemented; but unfortunately, these tools often fail to communicate with one another. Hoteliers find themselves operating in a world of fragmented, disparate systems with the need for multiple data entry, which can lead to multiple sets of numbers. These siloed solutions, which are often overlooked or hidden, can creep into HR operations. Furthermore, the costs of multiple entry, data entry errors, and manual processes tend to eat away at the originally hoped-for efficiency.

HR and Employee2. Integrate HR and employment duties.

In most areas of hotel operations, capturing important data generated by daily operations, formalizing processes to improve outcomes, and replacing manual activities with proven, compliance-based systems is a well-known and accepted goal. Yet this same goal is often overlooked within the processes to manage one of the biggest assets of the enterprise, the employees who ultimately determine guest satisfaction.


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