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The George Hotel

Indigo Road Hospitality Group Adds The George Hotel to its Portfolio

CHARLESTON, South Carolina—The Indigo Road Hospitality Group (IRHG) has added The George Hotel, which is currently under construction in Georgetown, South Carolina, to its...
management fees

Fluctuating Fees: The Impact of the COVID-19 Industry Recession on Management Fees

Hotel management contracts typically include two primary components of compensation for the management company—a base fee and an incentive fee. The base management fee...
The Revolution Hotel

The Revolution Hotel Names New Manager: Olympia Hotel Management

BOSTON—Olympia Hotel Management has announced that it has been chosen to operate The Revolution Hotel in Boston. Located in the city’s South End, the...
Cambria Hotel Pittsburgh

Benchmark Pyramid to Operate the Cambria Hotel Pittsburgh—Downtown

PITTSBURGH—Benchmark Pyramid announced the company has taken over operations of the 142-room Cambria Hotel Pittsburgh – Downtown. In the seven months since the merger...
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore Selects TPG Hotels, Resorts & Marinas as Manager

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island—TPG Hotels, Resorts & Marinas announced it was selected to manage the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore, located at the intersection of St....