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Crystal Thrasher

Concord Hospitality Promotes Crystal Thrasher to VP of HR Services

RALEIGH, North Carolina—Concord Hospitality announced the recent promotion of Crystal Thrasher to the position of vice president of HR services. In her new role,...

Streamlining Systems: Four Strategies for Human Resources Audits

Streamlined systems should be top of mind during a human resources audit. This approach harnesses technology to prevent siloes and create holistic human resources...
bell at the front desk

Labor and Employment Attorneys Answer Three COVID-19 Questions

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. The hospitality and lodging industry is experiencing unique challenges during...
Hiring HR

Ensuring an HR Provider is the Right Fit

Owning or operating a hotel property in today’s employment market is no easy feat. With vast and changing HR technology options, ever-evolving compliance requirements,...
merger acquisition handshake

Two Ways Successful M&A Integration Can Also Help Drive Profitability

1. Combating technology creep. Over the past 10 years, advances in cloud-based technology have outpaced our ability to fully absorb their capabilities. Narrow-focus HR tools...