Three Hotel Execs on Making People Feel Welcome

At this year’s NYU Investment Conference, executives noted that making people feel welcome and working as a team are key to the industry’s ongoing success.

1Make Diversity and Inclusion a Core Business Strategy

“[An] opportunity that will allow us… to keep the talent pipeline full is making diversity and inclusion a core business strategy. We’re fortunate to work in an industry that welcomes people from all walks of life. People from different countries, different cultures, and people with different ideas how to make an experience special and great.”

Jonathan Tisch
Chairman & CEO, Loews Hotels
Co., Chair, NYU Investment Conference

2Handle challenges together

“We’re in a very unique time historically, a very unique time economically, that sometimes can mask some of the challenges that are really presented to us… There will be challenges that we don’t even recognize yet coming our way, and united we can handle those better than we can if we’re all going our separate ways.”

Chip Rogers
President & CEO

3Drive a welcoming message

“Unless it’s wrapped in a welcome and wrapped in an invitation, we will see the U.S. get less and less share [of international travel] than it deserves… We’ve been losing the share the last few years, and we’re going to lose it more, unless there’s a voice that comes in and says, we’re actually interested in driving it.”

Arne Sorenson
President & CEO
Marriott International