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Hotel executives on making people feel welcome

Three Hotel Execs on Making People Feel Welcome

At this year’s NYU Investment Conference, executives noted that making people feel welcome and working as a team are key to the industry’s ongoing...
Hospitality execs on soft brands

Six Hospitality Leaders Talk Soft Brands

What is the role of 
social media in the 
soft brand segment? “Our key social audience includes independent travelers in search of original and local...
Industry execs talk tech

Industry Execs Share What Tech They Want to See in Hotels

Four industry executives spoke with LODGING about the technology that they are most excited to see appear in the hotel space. Keith Cline, president and...
Labor leaders talk tomorrow's technology

Labor Leaders Talk Tomorrow’s Technology

At UniFocus’ Annual Partner Conference, labor leaders discussed what they think technology in the hospitality industry will look like five years from now. Kirk Gautreau, vice...