Three Career Tips From Dorothy Dowling

Dorothy Dowling

Dorothy Dowling, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Best Western Hotels & Resorts, distilled some words of wisdom based on more than 30 years in the industry.

1. Your career is a marathon, so you need to invest in learning.

“According to a Harvard Business Review article, the most important quality in a leader today is not IQ or EQ, but CQ— that is, curiosity quotient. I fundamentally believe in that because it’s your learning investment that enables you to create value in terms of what you bring to your employer,” Dowling said.

2. You need to manage your reputation.


“You always need to guard your reputation, burnish it to make sure to drive the value creation you deserve. Never give people a reason to doubt you or think poorly of you.”

3. Make wise choices about the people you spend time with.

“If I had just one piece of advice it would be this, as I have been one of the greatest beneficiaries of it, especially through my choice of a supportive spouse. No one succeeds alone. If you ‘hire’ the right boss and choose the right partner, your life will be defined by them.”


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