Choosing a New Property Management System

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What should I consider when choosing a new PMS? 

My property just underwent a major renovation and now I’m looking to bring a facelift to my back of house systems to keep up with the increased occupancy. What should I be looking for in a new property management system? And how can I ensure its success?

A great software provider must do two things: 1) Make your life easier and 2) help you make money. An innovative property management system (PMS) can help you stay ahead of the competition by reducing costs and streamlining operations, increasing bookings and revenue, and improving the guest experience.
The first step in evaluating a PMS is deciding which type of system will work best. Many properties are transitioning to cloud-based systems (as opposed to traditional on-premise systems) because they can be accessed anywhere on any device through the Internet, making day-to-day operations more convenient.
Next is to consider what you’re getting for the price. Pay close attention to one-time fees, ongoing charges, and premium features when comparing property management systems. Which services are included and which are available at an additional cost? All-in-one systems with integrated features—PMS, CRS, dynamic pricing, channel management, internet booking engine, POS, housekeeping, accounting, and reporting—can simplify operations and are often the most cost-effective.
Another key aspect of a PMS is the guest experience. Today’s travelers expect convenience, personalization, and exceptional service, and the right system can help you meet and exceed guest expectations. Look for features like mobile check-in, a guest portal that gives visitors the power to manage their own stay, automated guest correspondence to relay information, and email marketing that allows you to create tailored communications to engage guests.
To ensure success, make sure your PMS provider offers comprehensive training, a skilled customer service team available to answer questions and provide 24/7 emergency support, and self-help resources including documentation and video training to optimize operations and facilitate ease of use for staff.


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Answered by Todd Sabo, president, RMS North America.