Food and BeverageTen Food and Beverage Technology Trends

Ten Food and Beverage Technology Trends

With the constant evolution of technology, food and beverage (F&B) operators must be dynamic in adjusting their practices to improve operational efficiencies and help drive profitability. Many top F&B trends were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they will stay prominent in both the hotel and restaurant industries.

  1. Leverage technology to expedite digital F&B order capabilities via digital channels. These can be both in-house or through a delivery order app, website, QR code, or mobile payment form.
  2. Use digital menus to enable F&B pricing revenue management.
  3. Implement self-service and mobile-enabled wine, food, and beer dispensing POC.
  4. Consider including a self-service tap beverage wall for beer and wine purchases.
  5. Add more shelf-stable and microwavable to-go options in grab-and-go and market outlets.
  6. Increase operational focus on takeout and delivery.
  7. Replace pay-at-table with mobile pay through a QR code.
  8. Evaluate the addition of call and service request buttons.
  9. Use data analytics to track consumer preferences to improve guest loyalty and customer satisfaction through loyalty programs, email targeting, and more.
  10. Digitize supply chain or inventory systems to better manage costs and improve purchasing efficiencies.

An exception to the aforementioned F&B trends is upscale restauranteurs who are pushing for the return of physical menus to create an authentic dining experience where guests are not focused on their smartphones.

Silvie Cohen and David Israel
Silvie Cohen and David Israel
Silvie Cohen is a vice president at hotelAVE with almost 10 years of hospitality experience. She is responsible for a portfolio of lifestyle assets many of which generate equal F&B and rooms revenue. Her emphasis is to identify and collaboratively implement value-add strategies from a revenue, expense, and ROI standpoint David Israel has over 10 years of hospitality advisory experience and is a leader in hotelAVE’s asset management and advisory practices while serving as an active member of its Executive Committee. He currently oversees day‐to‐day operations and strategy to maximize the investment value of properties including independent, boutique, and branded affiliations in the East Coast, Rocky Mountain, and Caribbean regions.