Six Practical Tips for Recruiting Top Talent

Recruiting hospitality professionals

Employees are the most important investment a hotelier can make in his or her business. By focusing on hiring employees who pay attention to detail and have a positive attitude, hoteliers can ensure that their staff is eager to face challenges as well as improve customer service and experience, helping to grow the property. Employees with the wrong attitude can drag a hotel down no matter how productive the business may be. Below are six practical tips for recruiting top notch staff in hospitality.

1. Give a Clear Job Description
It is vitally important that hoteliers post a complete job description for the job they want to fill. This helps hoteliers define the skills, qualities, and attitude a property needs beforehand, as well as attract and retain employees with a particular set of skills that the hotel requires.

2. Make Use of Data
Hoteliers can use the latest software to analyze the performance of current employees to find what traits the best job candidates will have. Applicant Tracking System software can help with the data analysis and recruitment. Social media recruitment is also a great way to find and recruit top talent as posting a job opening online will give it a much wider reach.


3. Focus on Both Internal and External Recruiting
Hoteliers should give enough time to both internal recruiting efforts as well as spread the word to outside candidates. Both types of recruiting have value but businesses usually end up giving too much attention to one of the two. Current employees are usually the best talent scouts for the business as they are likely to suggest and recommend people who share a similar mindset to them and can easily fit into a hotel’s work culture. Also, they would be invested in getting quality people on board who share similar work ethics and values as they will have to work with these same recruits later on. Implementing a referral program that is designed to reward employees for successfully referring new employees to a company or hotel will help bring in more high-quality recruits who share a similar work ethic.

External recruiting may include identifying top competitors and inviting their employees to apply for a position. Recruiting from the competition can help strengthen a hotel with proven professionals.

4. Conduct Background Checks
Background checks are of paramount importance in any industry, particularly the hotel industry where employees interact with guests and often have access to their belongings. Not only should hoteliers run a criminal record check on candidates before deciding to hire them, they should also cross-check all the given references.

5. Count on Both Skills and Attitude
Interviews and resumes can only reveal so much about prospective employees and their chances of success at a hotel. To find out whether candidates have the attitude and skills a hotel needs, hoteliers can implement a skills testing program in which prospective candidates complete some tasks that they would be expected to perform on the job. By using a more selective and refined hiring process, hoteliers can recruit the right people who will push the hotel in the right direction.

6. Look to the Future When Hiring
When it comes to judging a candidate’s caliber, consider whether the candidate has proven that they are capable of assuming greater responsibilities over time. A resume listing a number of short term jobs can be a red flag. All hires have a learning curve, but when it comes to hospitality, the quicker they are up and running, the fewer obstacles they will face, particularly in terms of guest relations.

The hospitality industry today thrives on guest satisfaction, and the key to getting there is through the people with whom guests interact every day—the hotel staff.


About the Author
Kelly Barcelos is a digital marketing manager specializing in HR and leads the content and social media team at Jobsoid.