Hotel Indigo Makes a Fashion Statement

LA Hotel Indigo Clothing line

IHG’s Hotel Indigo is joining the fashion industry with a new clothing line that was released for sale this month. The ASOS x Hotel Indigo Edits line launched in collaboration with global online retailer ASOS with styles from seven different Hotel Indigo location cities across the U.S., including New York City, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Savannah, El Paso, and Alexandria. The pieces are inspired to reflect the neighborhood stories of each Hotel Indigo property through fashion design. This collection marks the first Hotel Indigo clothing line and the first ASOS travel brand collaboration.

The ASOS x Hotel Indigo Edits’ Denver collection

ASOS, which specifically caters to millennials and 20-year-olds, worked with Hotel Indigo to develop fourteen collections—seven men’s and seven women’s—with approximately 140 pieces in total. The styles strive for both day and night appeal and bring elements of each hotel property to life. Both the properties and collections vary in aesthetic—from Denver’s log-cabin feel, to L.A.’s declarative style, to El Paso’s modern, rustic style. Together, the combined collections show the breadth and diversity of the Hotel Indigo brand across the United States. The brands says that with the clothing line, guests can experience the feel of their favorite cities through travel while also expressing the culture of each location through fashion.

Commenting on the launch of the new clothing line, Jason Moskal, vice president of lifestyle brands at IHG, says, “The ASOS x Hotel Indigo Edits give guests a sense of the Hotel Indigo brand and how it brings the local neighborhoods to life. Our Hotel Indigo guests appreciate fashion and design, and this mutual partnership with ASOS is an opportunity to extend the hotel experience into guests’ everyday lives.”

The brand says that the introduction of a clothing line is also an opportunity to bring to life its brand-wide campaign, The Color of Discovery, which aims to promote exploration of authentic local experiences both inside and outside of the hotels. That campaign fits with the hotel’s overall goal of offering travelers a unique boutique hotel experience that draws inspiration from the local neighborhood’s music, art, and culture scenes.



Top photo: The ASOS x Hotel Indigo Edits’ Los Angeles collection

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