Five Cities with the Most Hotel Construction in the World

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Lodging Econometrics recently released its Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report, which compiles the construction pipeline for every country and market in the world. Currently, the top world regions by project count are the Americas with 5,719 projects/745,510 rooms, Asia Pacific with 3,862 projects/836,725 rooms, and EMEA with 1,679 projects/337,135 rooms.

The top countries by project-count are the United States with 4,973 projects/598,371 rooms and China with 2,410 projects/525,225 rooms. The U.S. accounts for 41 percent of the projects in the global pipeline while China accounts for 20 percent, totaling a combined in 61 percent of the Global pipeline.

Below are the five cities in the world that currently have the largest number of hotel projects in the pipeline.


New York - booking
1. New York
The Big Apple has 190 projects and a total of 31,923 rooms in the pipeline, making it the city with the largest hotel construction pipeline in the world right now.


Houston, Texas
2. Houston
Texas’ largest city also has the second biggest hotel construction pipeline in the world at the moment, with 159 projects and a total of 17,472 rooms slated for the city.


Dallas, Texas
3. Dallas
Trailing Houston is this Texas city, with a total of 147 projects in the pipeline and 18,429 rooms.


Dubai, UAE
4. Dubai
The United Arab Emirates’ largest city also has the fourth highest number of projects in the world for hotel construction projects—141 projects totaling 40,266 rooms, to be exact.


Seoul, South Korea
5. Seoul
South Korea’s capital city is experiencing a great deal of hotel construction, with 137 projects and 25,784 rooms in the pipeline right now.