Achieving High-Tech Guest Satisfaction with Mobile Systems

Long-term value creation

As mobile devices become smaller, more reliable, and less expensive, more and more hotels are leaning on this technology to help keep operations moving smoothly. This applies not only to tasks that keep the hotel’s moving parts chugging along, but also to guest requests and, ultimately, guest satisfaction. Mike Benjamin, VP of sales and marketing, as well as co-founder of Guestware, a cloud-based guest experience management software, says that using such a software has two major benefits.

First, it helps the team deliver on guest requests faster, with greater efficiency and reliability. “Fewer issues slip through the cracks,” he notes. “The right system can give you all that you need to execute the task without having to write anything down or risking forgetting any details.”

Second, mobile systems track everything, which allows hoteliers to identify recurring problems and solve them at the source. “For example, a hotelier might notice that every weekend, a large number of her rooms are requesting extra towels. By using that data, she can decide to increase the number of towels left in each room on the weekend to preemptively deliver on a common guest request,” Benjamin says.

Benjamin adds that any hotel looking to incorporate such a system into their operations should look at all of the programs on the market and choose one best suited for their property’s needs. “There are so many different tools out there with different functionalities. Hoteliers should really research their options and pick one that will work for their property.”

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Kate Hughes, Editor, LODGING Magazine