Check Out the Lobby at Origin Red Rocks

Origin Red Rocks Lobby

Pairing informal designs with an elegant atmosphere, Origin Red Rocks was designed to welcome adventure seekers and music lovers alike as the official partner of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

When conceptualizing the new Origin brand, executives from The Thrash Group supported a casual yet upscale vibe that is not overwhelmed by a heavy music theme. The property, however, does feature a rotating selection of memorabilia from the venue, including posters, instruments, and t-shirts.

Located in the heart of Golden, Colo., the Origin Red Rocks is pet-friendly and highlights trails that both owners and pets can enjoy. In fact, hotel employees—called “the tribe”—share “The To Do List” with guests, which highlights what travelers must see, eat, and drink in the area. Interior and exterior elements of the property were designed by Tryba Architects to celebrate the geology and earth tones of Colorado.


The 124 guestrooms mix classic and loft-style suites, some with bunk rooms for traveling families. Walker Thrash, partner of the Thrash Group and developer and co-creator of Origin Red Rocks, says, “Our concept was to create spaces where someone in jeans and a t-shirt with a laptop would be comfortable. As you can see in the lobby, there’s no formality to the space. We kept the furnishings minimal to create a flow throughout the lobby and into other spaces in the hotel.”

Continuing from the patio, plants and filigree brighten up the lobby while nodding to the adventurous, outdoor nature of Golden. “The common areas are meant to flow from indoor to out. We wanted to bring in some plant material to lead to the patio, which is meant to be an extension of the lobby space,” Thrash notes.

Mural artwork is meant to convey a sense of comfort without in-your-face music themes. Thrash says, “We want to reference music because it’s just an obvious draw for guests. NINE dot ARTS had the idea of putting vinyl in the artwork, and we thought it was a classic idea.”

“Hanging from the ceiling is a piece made from reclaimed wood from an old fence. It bleeds into the space. It’s eye-catching artwork, but extremely informal and imperfect. The closer you get to it, the more flaws you see,” Thrash says.

Most brands have similar furniture items, but Origin Red Rocks specifically doesn’t because, as Thrash says, “you start to lose that residential feel.” He adds, “We sat down with Tryba and they put up 50 images of chairs. As a group, we selected the ones we liked. We want it to seem like we bought one at a time.”

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Robin McLaughlin is associate editor of LODGING.