Quick-Check Safety and Security Items in Guestrooms

safety and security

When it comes to servicing guestrooms, housekeepers must observe and report any deficiencies that may compromise guest safety and security. Following are several “quick check” items that room attendants should inspect every time they service a guestroom.

Doors and Windows

The room attendant should inspect all doors, windows, and their associated locking mechanisms. Windows and entry doors should be locked for both safety and security. The viewfinder on the entry door should be examined from outside the guestroom to ensure that the glass lens has not been punched out or reversed. The privacy cover on the inside of the viewfinder should be covering the lens. The housekeeper should then turn the door deadbolt to confirm that it fully extends into the door jam and ensure that the privacy chain or flip latch is in place and operates normally. All main entry doors into a guestroom should be self-closing, which should be tested by opening the door halfway and releasing it. If it does not fully close to the point that the door lock engages on its own, then the spring-loaded hinge pins need to be tightened.


More guests are injured in and around bathtubs and showers than most other areas of a hotel. Room attendants should ensure that the non-slip bathtub surface has not worn to the point of being too slippery when water is inside the tub. Providing rubberized non-slip bathtub mats can alleviate this challenge. Safety grab bars in the tub or shower will loosen over time and need to be checked. Next, the temperature of the hot water coming from faucets should be tested to see if it is too hot to immerse one’s hand. Finally, the toilet seat should be checked to ensure it is securely bolted to the bowl. Loose toilet seats account for many guest injuries annually.

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Dr. William D. Frye is a hospitality educator, researcher, consultant, and former hotel general manager. He is the co-author of AHLEI’s housekeeping textbook Managing Housekeeping Operations.