The Benefits of Outdoor Security Lighting

outdoor security lighting

Hotels should be places where guests feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Good exterior security lighting not only adds a bit of evening ambiance to a property’s exterior—it is also an important safety measure. Below are several benefits of external security lighting.

Deter Intruders

Outdoor security lights deter intruders simply because the lights make it difficult for people to hide. Intruders don’t want anyone walking or driving by to see them, and they also don’t want anyone seeing them from inside the hotel. They’re more likely to bypass a well-lit exterior in favor of a business with shadows and places where they can obscure themselves from sight.

Deter Unwanted Animals


Depending on your location, raccoons, coyotes, or the neighborhood cat may be lingering in the dark shadows outside a hotel. These creatures can be alarming to guests and potentially create health and safety hazards as they go through trash bins or scratch at the exterior. Lights can deter many animals, particularly nocturnal creatures.

Prevent Accidents

Outdoor security lights can prevent accidents from occurring, which is great for insurance purposes. Guests are less likely to trip and fall on walkways or in parking lots when arriving or departing from the property in the dark. Hotels should also create well-lit outdoor areas where employees and delivery people who work late nights have to walk. Lights help keep everyone safe as they come and go.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Statistically speaking, properties with security lights outside are less likely to end up as the targets of burglaries or other crimes. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for updating or enhancing lighting systems.

Increase Curb Appeal

Lights placed on the ground to shine up at a hotel can create an elegant and eye-catching look. Hotels with sophisticated exterior lighting stand out from other businesses surrounding them and the competition.

Increase Property Value

While outdoor lighting may not technically add property value, potential buyers may be more willing to pay for added safety features and upgraded systems.

A hotel’s lighting might be top-notch on the interior, but it might need a little upgrade on the outside. Hoteliers can benefit in more than one way by adding a bit of ambient outdoor lighting, as guests, employees, and visitors alike will feel safer and more comfortable.


About the Author
Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Patriot LED.

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