Six Fabric Design Trends Hotels Can Expect To See in 2019

Carnegie Fabrics named six fabric design trends they expect to see in 2019. According to the company, “These themes represent today’s driving cultural forces and their influence on interiors—from exciting new color palettes to trending materials, textures, and patterns.”

1Second Nature

“Mother Earth has become our design muse and partner, providing the inspiration and bio-based materials that let us bring the natural world inside.”

2The Future Is Female

“As women publicly demand to be seen and heard, their rallying color —pink—takes on new power. One can be strong and feminine rather than either/or.”


“The kaleidoscope of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation is evolving. By breaking down traditional lines, we acknowledge and represent the full spectrum of identity, creating a new picture of the world.”

4New Americana

“In this politically charged climate, where we tussle over national identity and citizenship, we are asking, what does it mean to be American? It’s not your traditional Americana anymore.”

5A Moment Of Silence

“Silence has become a luxury amid the constant barrage of information, images, and noise. To cope, we seek to create places to breathe, refuges where we can contemplate and renew.”


“Disenchanted by living online, we’re logging off, stepping away, and trying to feel something real. No wonder texture is becoming paramount in our physical environment.”


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Robin McLaughlin is digital editor of LODGING.