Seven Areas Where Hotels Should Add Power

No matter where a hotel guest is spending their time—whether it’s the lounge, gym, lobby, or somewhere else—one thing is for certain: they are probably seeking easy and efficient access to power. After all, today’s travelers are relying more heavily on devices to stay connected—and each type of device has its specific charging needs. As a result, charging must be flexible, universal, and readily available to ensure that guests have the most seamless and enjoyable experience while staying at a property.

That’s why it’s essential for hoteliers to rethink where and how easy-to-access connectivity and power solutions fit into their spaces. Specifiers should consider USB-driven power versus traditional AC power outlets, for instance, to allow multiple devices to be plugged into one source, saving space and offering a clean aesthetic.

Below are the top seven areas that hoteliers should consider adding solutions for guests to connect and charge their devices.

1. The Lobby
As a hotel’s central hub, the lobby sets the tone for the rest of the property. And as more and more travelers look to the space as a destination for productivity and socializing, hotel operators must adapt—and quickly. Opt for intuitive, on-the-go charging stations and pedestals or built-into furniture options that complement existing lobby designs and are conveniently placed within arm’s reach. Ultimately, this functionality encourages guest to socialize and spend even more time in this area, creating a differentiating factor that builds brand loyalty.


2. The Outdoors
As guests travel from inside to outside with their favorite devices—particularly in seasonal or resort properties—convenient access to charging capabilities is not only preferred but increasingly expected. Whether it’s by the pool or an exterior seating area, hoteliers should consider specifying code-compliant, permanent outdoor charging stations to outdoor areas and amenities. These solutions should include both standard power outlets and USB ports and complement existing landscapes and designs to ensure a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

3. The Guest Room
One of the first things guests seek upon entering their room is power outlets to charge their devices—which is why it’s so important to specify solutions that simplify that process. Elevate the experience for visitors by adding charging and connectivity solutions throughout the space—whether it’s the nightstand, TV armoire, desk, or wall. Another smart spot to add these functionalities is the headboard. Traditionally, the only electrical products found on headboards in guest rooms have been sconce or reading lights. Now, specifiers can deliver charging in the headboard, without compromising elegant designs. Simply retrofit existing casegoods with the right solution—and keep national and local electrical codes in mind—to allow guests to stay connected at bedside.

4. The Guest Bath
The guest bath is a zone where guests may require easy access to outlets for myriad tools ranging from shavers to hair dryers. In such a small space, thoughtfully designed, high-performing electrical devices can make a big impact. Swap out builder-grade outlets (the standard white wall plate and rectangular outlet is not the only option out there) to refresh an aesthetic and ensure it can handle whatever device makes it to the guest bath.

5. The Fitness Center
As guests become more health conscious, the fitness center has become essential to minimizing disruptions to guests’ daily life. Enhance workouts by incorporating outlets on the wall, in locker room seating areas, or in the fitness center bath to allow visitors a seamless workout with their favorite devices in-hand.

6. The Meeting Space
Whether a guest is using a conference room, huddle space, or meeting/training room, power outlets must be easy-to-reach and use. Opt for integrated and adaptable meeting room solutions that ensure users are connected and ready for any presentation by providing accessible power on and under tables as well as on walls.

7. The Bar / Restaurant
Allow guests to stay connected while enjoying meals or grabbing a quick beverage by adding built-in power options right at the bar area and restaurant seating areas, furniture, and lounges. Outlets at every seat at the bar, for instance, are great for encouraging guests to linger a bit longer at these common spaces, creating new potential for revenue on property.

Everything about a hotel, including details like outlets and USB ports, contributes to the impression hoteliers make upon guests. Adding easy-to-access, stylish solutions improves that experience by turning everyday features into lasting highlights.


About the Author
Nancy Snyder is the senior manager of hospitality sales for Legrand.


Photo courtesy of Legrand.

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