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Sandals Sets Facebook Likes On Fire

Hotel companies all over the world are putting marketing dollars and lots of effort into acquiring new fans on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. The value of creating a solid customer base online and promoting your brand through social media channels has been well documented, and everyone is competing to stay relevant.

But Sandals Resorts International may have come up with one of the most creative approaches we’ve seen to date. The all-inclusive resort brand with 24 properties in 7 countries ran a promotion online called “Fire the CEO.” In August of last year, the company put out a Facebook campaign that promised to send 33-year-old CEO Adam Steward ziplining through a ring of fire if they reached their goal of 250,000 likes on the social networking site.

The brand achieved their target in less than two months, and Stewart fulfilled his outrageous pledge by speeding through a blazing fire ring in the Jamaican rainforest. Luckily, Stewart had the help of David Waine, the special effects expert behind Hollywood blockbusters Mission Impossible and hit franchise Fast and Furious.

Check out the video above to see Stewart’s daring stunt. You’ve got to hand it to a CEO that will put on a flame-retardant suit and fly through the jungle for a PR pitch.