Poppin’ Panels: Bold Acoustic Design


Acoustical panels have traditionally been designed to be very unobtrusive. However, some companies are moving away from beige panels that blend into the walls for bright, colorful options that dare to be ignored. One such company is textile manufacturer Carnegie. Carnegie has merged form and function to develop a line of fun, colorful panels that act as a statement piece. Hoteliers have embraced the colorful designs, using them in lobbies, bars, and meeting areas.

Heather Bush, Carnegie’s executive vice president, says that the colorful options have really taken off, “We’ll often help our clients with their designs and recently it’s been very interesting to see that the majority of these designs are colorful. There are a few that are very tonal and they kind of fade into the background, but I would say the majority are definitely playing with this idea of mixing color, pattern, and shapes,” she explains.