Pillow Talk: The Rising Pillow Menu Trend

Guests may devour your property’s breakfast program, make good use of the fitness center, and enjoy the local nightlife. But at the end of the day, what they crave most is a place to lay their heads. An ultra comfortable place, that is. More commonly, hotels like New York’s The Benjamin are offering pillow menus as a way to put guests in control of creating their best night’s sleep. The luxury hotel offers 10 different pillow options based on sleeper type (back-, stomach-, or side-sleeper), ensuring that guests have a peaceful sleep experience based around personal needs.

“Overall, we appeal to guests who are leaders—executives and entrepreneurs. They are the thrivers and strivers of society. Typically, these people also have the most difficulty relaxing or sleeping due to high stress levels,” explains Dr. Rebecca Robbins, the property’s sleep expert. “People love to have options.”