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LondonHouse Outdoor Terrace

Oxford Capital Group Recreates LondonHouse Chicago

When Oxford Capital Group acquired Chicago’s 360 North Michigan Avenue property in 2013, the company saw a 90-year-old building just waiting to be restored to its former glory. The property, known as the London...

Tiny House Hotel Makes a Big Impression

The tiny-home movement has made a large impact on American culture over the last few years. Ranging in size from 120 to 500 square feet, these small dwellings have received significant attention from home...

The Importance of Keeping Hotel Insurance Updated

As a hotel owner or operator, expecting the unexpected comes with the territory. A hurricane can cause property damage, or a guest can slip on ice in the parking lot. For events such as...

Exploring the Diversity Discourse in Hospitality

The year is 2017. Following the tenure of the United States’ first black president, as well as the first woman presidential candidate, some may be under the impression that the plight of minorities and...

Travelers Turning to Travel Agents

Amid the chatter of OTAs versus direct booking, it can be easy to forget that up until the internet became a household staple, planning a trip was placed in the trusted hands of travel...