Nomadix Acquires New Patent for Passpoint Authentication

LOS ANGELES—Nomadix Inc. was issued U.S. Patent No. 11,855,986 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Dec. 26, 2023. The patent, titled, “Management of network intercept portals for network devices with durable and non-durable identifiers,” represents Nomadix’s ongoing work in networking technology and adds to its patent portfolio.

The patent relates to using captive portals to manage network access requests under Passpoint, formerly known as Hotspot 2.0. Nomadix’s technology gives hotels and other organizations control and visibility over their visitor-based networks, helping drive digital engagement and deliver location-based services and tiered upgrade options. For example, venues leveraging visitor-based networks can offer Passpoint through loyalty apps to offer secure connections to the network, while also enabling service offerings (i.e., events, WiFi upgrades), and payment acceptance throughout the guest’s stay at the property.

“Nomadix has a long history of innovation including the invention of the visitor-based network and creation of the first captive portal,” said Ted Helvey, chairman and CEO at Nomadix. “This latest patent is of similar importance in the next generation of secure authentication and shows our team’s continued commitment to creating technology that provides personalized connectivity and digital engagement opportunities for our customers in hospitality, multi-tenant, retail, and beyond.”

The patent, part of Nomadix’s network management portfolio, is based on an application filed in February 2020 by inventor Vadim Olshansky.

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