Kimpton Onyx Hotel Partners with Boston Instagram Artists

Kimpton Onyx

Boston, MA – Kimpton Onyx Hotel and Following Boston, a group of Instagram artists, have partnered to exhibit the work of local photographers who use Instagram as their medium. The initiative is building an art collection that is solely based on images posted to social media via Following Boston, with photographs selected to reflect the energy, livelihood, and personality of the city.

The exhibition launched on April 15 at the Onyx’s Ruby Room in Boston’s West End Neighborhood, and features local photographers James Berkeley, Saili Kline, Kiana Gibson, and Evan Beauvais.

Following Boston started as a documentary series, progressed to an Instagram photo hub, and is currently evolving into a city experience with live shows. Following Boston celebrates the local talent of individuals in the social photography realm who, until recently, may not have been considered a “traditional” photographer.


“The Onyx partnership with Following Boston perfectly complements Kimpton’s boutique lifestyle brand,” said Jessica Lavin, General Manager of Kimpton Onyx hotel. “The synergy of this collaboration really brings to light, on many levels, the local artists who are expressing their talent through the exciting medium of photography. This first-of-its-kind partnership lets guests of the hotel engage with both the photographers and the city in a personal way—seeing Boston from an insider’s point of view.”

The artists at each show are hand-selected by producer Michael Kalish and brought together in one space because their work complements each other.

“The Kimpton Hotels presented their vision of what this partnership could be and I was blown away by the clarity,” said Kalish. “The events showcase the local talent in ways I’ve never seen before. It allows the community a chance to network with Boston’s hottest social photographers, and we are all grateful for it.”

The one commonality among all Following Boston contributors is that Boston is the central character, but how the city is presented or envisioned is unique to each photographer’s perspective. Each show is designed to showcase new sides of the city.

“The opportunity to participate in the Following Boston and Kimpton hotel partnership has provided me a great opportunity for growth as a photographer,” said cxhibited artist Salli Kline. “Displaying photographers’ work allows the community to come together and appreciate each other’s talent. It’s an honor to be part of the partnership and community.”