’s Captain Obvious Runs for President

Captain Obvious of has decided to join the 2016 presidential race. And he’s doing so in the best way he knows how, by physically running. He believes he is fit to win the race. He’s seen the other candidates, and doesn’t think they seem fit at all.

Beginning with a national TV commercial, Captain Obvious will spend the next several months running across the nation training and monitoring the pulse of the country—and his own pulse. Throughout the race, he will be promoting, because he really needs a place to sleep at night. estimates that any given presidential candidate would spend more than $405,000 on hotels during the primaries and caucuses in 2016.

Captain Obvious’ race for President will be shared with the public through social media including his Twitter-verified account @CaptainObvious, the hashtag #ObviousPresident, additional TV spots, a website, and online content beginning now through November. At, supporters can follow his presidential race, download a media kit, see the latest TV commercials, share Captain Obvious GIFs, and watch 51 video messages from Captain Obvious made for every state and Washington D.C.


The campaign was created by CP+B, the advertising agency of record for Continued marketing support for his race will include additional TV spots in mid-March, interactive online videos and live events featuring Captain Obvious himself.

Follow @CaptainObvious on Twitter for his remarks on big presidential moments as they happen and catch his live-tweets during the upcoming presidential debates.

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