Good Advice: Operating a Brand Amidst Controversy

Eric Danziger, CEO of Trump Hotels, knows about operating a brand amidst controversy. He offers the following insight for hoteliers who may be in a similar position.

Concentrate on running your business.
“The name on your hotel doesn’t matter,” Danziger says. “You must earn the business of your guests, and you’re either able to do that or you’re not. If you keep your eye on operating a great hotel that offers great service, you will still have customers.”

Build a strong team.
“You need a team that can grow the business, perform well, and bring new ideas to the table,” Danziger explains. “That’s the only way you can successfully execute a growth strategy.”

Protect your employees.
“There have been times that protests have significantly negatively impacted our staff, especially guest-facing employees. They are trying to earn a living, and it is my foremost responsibility to protect them and their livelihood,” Danziger says.

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