Five Security-Related Tasks For Room Attendants

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Room attendants may be the hotel employees that visit guestrooms every day, but it is not uncommon that they overlook simple, but necessary, security-related tasks when servicing a guestroom. Train, coach, and audit all room attendants in these five areas to improve a hotel’s security.

1Door Locks

Inspect all door locking mechanisms and door knobs to ensure that they lock properly, securely, and have not been compromised.


To minimize energy consumption and to safeguard items in the guestroom, housekeepers should close and lock all windows, whether it is a stayover or an on-change room.

3Door Viewfinder

It is essential that room attendants examine the guestroom door’s viewing port with each service, ensuring that the viewfinder has not been broken, removed, reversed, or can be easily removed from the outside of the door.

4Guestroom Safe

In-room safes must be unlocked and inspected for contents when servicing rooms that are on-change. It is not uncommon for a departed guest to forget that they had personal items locked in the safe. Check to ensure that the safe keypad operates as expected.

5Guestroom Telephone

Room attendants should pick up the handset and listen for a dial tone. One of the primary purposes of an in-room phone is so that a guest can summon help from the hotel or 911 in the event of a medical emergency or security concern.