Five Benefits of Emerging Tech in Hotel F&B

F&B - server with tablet

The growth of intuitive technology in the food and beverage industry has had a positive and innovative effect, especially when it comes to food safety and inventory management. Francine Shaw, president of Food Safety Training Solutions, lists the following benefits of technology in the F&B space.


1. Tracking Inventory

“Gone are the days of standing and shivering in the freezer while manually counting cases of sausage patties,” Shaw says. “Now, smartphones and apps can be used to purchase and track inventory.”



2. Machine Management

“We’re moving from paper and pen to wireless technology for all sorts of monitoring, including time and temp logs, shift walks, and the continuous monitoring of coolers, freezers, and heating units, which have built-in systems that send alerts to a smartphone,” Shaw explains.


3. Recording and Organizing Data

“Digital logs make it much easier to record, track, and save information about deliveries and employee training,” Shaw says. “Digital records also make it easier to access, organize, and store important food safety information.”


4. Increasing Efficiency

“New ‘smart’ refrigerators with optical scanners can inform owners when products are near expirations,” Shaw says.


5. Cost Savings

“Technology has become not only much more affordable but is also a wise decision and smart expense for hotels, restaurants, and others in the foodservice industry. The ROI on technology expenses is swift,” Shaw explains.


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