Food and BeverageExploring the Art of Tea at the St. Regis

Exploring the Art of Tea at the St. Regis

Hotels with F&B programs are always working to set their offerings apart from the crowd. Last fall, The St. Regis San Francisco launched a new program, The Art of Tea, to attract guests and locals alike for a daily afternoon tea menu in the hotel’s lobby lounge. Inspired by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who created the afternoon tea tradition in 19th century England, The Art of Tea offers a modern take on the ritual, with local products and teas from around the world.

“Local guests and visitors alike have recognized the Art of Tea in the St. Regis lobby as one of their favorite spots to enjoy a casual afternoon tea in the city. Guests are especially impressed by our selection of international teas and the curated menu of treats based on seasonality and fresh market fare,” explains Toni Knorr, general manager of the hotel. The St. Regis San Francisco aims to capitalize on the success of the program by introducing an Art of Cocktail menu this year.