Eight Hotel Tech Integrations, Partnerships, and Product Launches

1SalesAndCatering.com and Visrez Offer 3D Event Graphics

SalesAndCatering.com has partnered with 3D Visualization provider Visrez to enable hotels to provide clients with realistic event graphics and floor plan diagrams to help close more business. Users of SalesAndCatering.com’s STS Cloud software system will be able to add 3D graphic presentations of exact rooms being used for a meeting or event with the Floor Plan Builder interface.

2Frontline International Redesigns M3 System Web Interface

Frontline M3

Frontline International’s M3 data management system helps kitchen managers to control and monitor their cooking oil using a central, web-based utility. Its new redesigned online dashboard allows users to tap into a complete accounting of all things cooking oil, saving oil, and optimizing chain practice and set accurate, smart controls. The cleaner design includes customizable settings and bold graphic displays. Users can select which information they want to appear and where they want it positioned by choosing and arranging widgets, with access at the macro, micro, and granular levels. M3 also generates reports that are customized according to user preferences.

3Dimension Development Maximizes Broadvine Planning Capabilities

Dimension Development, a hospitality management company with a portfolio of nearly 70 U.S. properties, is using Broadvine’s performance management software to forecast room revenue within an accuracy of three percent. Broadvine’s Planning module moves the budget and forecast process to a web-based application providing security, standardization, and data integrity. Once historical plans and actuals are imported, year-over-year results are available for performance evaluation and future planning. Users can create plans that are managed collaboratively across departments as well as between the property and corporate office. Broadvine’s Planning application manages complex revenue segmentations, leverages driver-based expenses, and protects items from inadvertent revisions and incorrect manual calculations.

4Duetto Partners With RMS Cloud 

Duetto and RMS Cloud

Duetto recently announced a two-way integration with RMS Cloud Property Management System. The integration between Duetto’s GameChanger and the RMS 9+ Cloud PMS will enable users of both solutions to optimize pricing and manage inventory and segmentation. In addition, the partnership allows for sharing folio data, providing added benefits to users of Duetto’s ScoreBoard reporting application by providing data on total guest spend. A self-service onboarding function allows hoteliers to activate the integration at any time.

5Allbridge Adds TraknProtect, Integrates With Ruckus Networks

Allbridge recently added TraknProtect employee safety devices (ESDs), managing the new ESDs using the Ruckus Networks (now part of CommScope) IoT Suite. The combination of TraknProtect and the Ruckus IoT Suite requires no new network infrastructure and includes a portable safety button that provides real-time alerts via SMS, push notifications, desktop alerts, or email for housekeepers, maintenance personnel, and room attendants. An associated cloud-based application tracks false alarms and on-property safety calls. The staff alert devices communicate to the associated cloud service via IoT-enabled Ruckus H510 access points deployed throughout a property. The Ruckus IoT Suite manages TraknProtect device onboarding, security, and protocol translation, while acting as a gateway to the TraknProtect cloud application and dashboard.

6dormakaba Launches RT Plus BLE-Enabled RFID Lock

Dormakaba recently launched its new RT Plus mobile-enabled RFID guestroom electronic door lock for magstripe or mechanical lock retrofit. RFID keys cannot be erased by contact with cell phones. The RT Plus lock is a sealed unit that does not require the ongoing maintenance associated with magstripe locks and has a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module integrated into its reader for immediate mobile access implementation. RT Plus also includes NFC programming for lock auditing and reliability. The lock may also be networked with dormakaba’s Ambiance access management software that lets operators remotely monitor door activity in a secure, two-way system.

7Honeywell Enhances INNCOM INNcontrol 5 System

Honeywell INNCOM INNcontrol 5 Energy Management and Guestroom System

Honeywell recently announced enhancements to its INNCOM INNcontrol 5 (IC5) Energy Management and Guestroom Control System, which launched earlier this year. The IC5 system lets operators monitor and manage energy and guestroom controls for an entire hotel property—and now across an entire hotel portfolio—in real time to identify and resolve issues before they affect guests, track energy usage, and deliver better operational efficiency. Enhancements include a system that is now scalable; a new mobile web app; push alarms, alerts, and notifications; Analytics Service Exchange Dynamic Dashboard, which generates live reports detailing a property’s performance; custom access levels for staff; and room trend view through which users can pick a date or time duration and see guestroom data points to validate and troubleshoot potential issues.

8Noble House Hotels and Resorts Expands Services with VENZA

Noble House Hotels and Resorts, a hotel ownership and management group with an upscale portfolio of 20 U.S. properties, has shifted from VENZA’s Denali program to the company’s Everest program. The Everest program addresses PCI requirements and helps hoteliers safeguard properties while satisfying compliance regulations. It includes a policy template library, phishing campaigns, posters/job aids, webinars, internal vulnerability/breach scanning, and data breach coverage. Additionally, 20 Noble Hosue-managed properties will participate in PCI SAQ preparation, external ASV scanning (quarterly), endpoint protection, logging/alerting services, and PCI SAQ portal access.


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