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Traveler guestroom face mask

Three Things Hoteliers Should Know About Creating Healthy Hotels

Although the hotel industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technology, that hasn’t stopped engineers, developers, and other experts from working on solutions that...
Hotel lobby front desk

Industry Experts Discuss Designing Healthy Buildings Amid the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to create operational challenges in the hotel industry, Pat Tessier, senior director of global product management at Honeywell, and Manish Sharma,...
Sleep - guest experience - guest comfort score

Honeywell Launches Guest Comfort Score, Quantifying Sleep Quality With Motion Sensing

ATLANTA — Honeywell is launching substantial upgrades to its cloud-based INNCOM INNcontrol 5 (IC5) platform, including a multi-property dashboard and a new Guest Comfort...
Honeywell INNCOM INNcontrol 5 Energy Management and Guestroom System

Eight Hotel Tech Integrations, Partnerships, and Product Launches

SalesAndCatering.com and Visrez Offer 3D Event Graphics SalesAndCatering.com has partnered with 3D Visualization provider Visrez to enable hotels to provide clients with realistic event graphics...

Honeywell Launches INNCOM INNcontrol 5 Energy Management and Guestroom Control System

ATLANTA–Honeywell has launched a new platform for energy management and guestroom control: INNCOM INNcontrol 5 (IC5). The new system allows operators to monitor and...