TechnologyDistributionEgencia Launches Hotel Conversations Platform, Connecting Hotels and Business Travelers

Egencia Launches Hotel Conversations Platform, Connecting Hotels and Business Travelers

BELLEVUE, Wash.—Today, Egencia, the business travel arm of Expedia Group, announced at the Business Travel Show the addition of three features to its global business travel platform. Egencia launched Hotel Conversations, a feature that enables two-way communication between business travelers and their hotel.

With the new feature, business travelers can ask questions, confirm details, and share updated travel plans at any step of their journey through the Egencia app. For instance, a business traveler can now request a late check-in in real time when a flight is delayed or even specify pillow type to make their stay more comfortable. Hoteliers can also proactively contact their guests, sending a welcome message or offering additional services such as treatments ahead of arrival.

“Egencia Hotel Conversations will revolutionize the way hoteliers and business travelers interact with each other from the moment a booking is made,” said Michael Gulmann, chief product officer at Egencia. “We’ve seen conversations double over the last few months, clearly indicating that this was a previously untapped value proposition in business travel.”

The company also announced Egencia Air and Hotel packages for business travelers and updated its Egencia Travel Tracker to allow travel managers to more easily search a geographic area.