Capitalizing on the Power of Marketing

It is essential to capitalize on the power of marketing in the hospitality industry to amplify a hotel’s story to travel shoppers. Hunter Webster, senior vice president of eMarketing at Interstate Hotels & Resorts, shares some advice for hoteliers who are looking for more from their marketing software.

Identify your audience.
“The first thing a hotel should consider when choosing marketing software is whether it helps them identify their specific target audience. Different hotels have very specific audiences, and a hotelier needs software that helps target travelers who are going to a geographic location.”

Connect with the right people.
“Once you identify your audience, determine whether or not you’re connecting with them. This involves creating a unique message and getting it to potential guests in a way that will resonate with them. Today, more often than not, that means connecting with potential guests via their smartphones.”


Have a plan.
“It all begins with a plan. Before a hotel starts a marketing program, the team should determine in concrete terms what exactly they’re trying to accomplish, what defines success, and who is it that they are trying to talk to. Also, understanding seasonal priorities of a hotel is important, because these will change depending on the time of year. When that happens, hotels have to determine pricing, as well as positioning—how I position my hotel in the winter is going to be very different than it would be in the summer. The worst thing a hotelier can do is to skip on these keys and just start pouring money into different activities without a plan. At that point, they’re flying blind.”


  1. We recently hired a marketing consultant and even in a such a short time, they’ve proven to add value to the business and a roi. Always seek advice, make a plan and hire knowledge (if you don’t have the knowledge yourself) when it comes to marketing. “Flying blind” is a great way to waste time and money.

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