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Advantage Hotels, Inc. Launches VistaRez Independent Collection

Austin, Texas – Recognizing that not all properties need to be affiliated with a franchised brand, Advantage Hotels, Inc. (AHI) president and CEO Patrick Mullinix announced the launch of the VistaRez Independent Collection – a complete sales and marketing solution with an integrated property management system and reservation system for independent hotels.

“Over and over, I hear from unhappy owners at various brands that their franchise fees are too high, they’re not getting enough reservations, they don’t see the value in mandated PIPs and brand standards, and their franchisor doesn’t listen or care. For those reasons, they want to go independent. However, they don’t know how and are fearful of going at it alone without any support and assistance. So, we developed the VistaRez Independent Collection to offer hotels a competitive advantage through strategic sales and marketing support and a best-in-class technology package,” said Mullinix.

VistaRezTM is AHI’s complete hospitality technology package, with a compilation of software and online tools that optimize an owner’s revenue opportunities and allow integration and connectivity to all distribution channels.

The VistaRez Independent Collection provides three main solutions for independent hotels at a very affordable cost:

  • Sales and marketing support that is customized for each hotel’s individual market and demand
  • A central reservation system that is powered by Sabre, national brand discounts, and 24/7 reservation call center
  • A property management system that is powered by Sabre, which is directly connected with the CRS

“The growing trend these days is that hotel owners want everything a brand has to offer, minus the brand, numerous fees, and long-term contracts. That’s where the VistaRez Independent Collection comes into play. Our team of industry veterans has decades of hotel chain and independent ownership experience, and is able to provide the crucial support and resources needed to make your independent hotel successful,” says director of business Mukesh Mowji.

He adds, “On the other hand, for those owners who prefer to be with a brand, we still offer a unique approach to franchising with Vista and Select Inn. So, no matter which direction you want to go, Advantage Hotels, Inc. has a complete solution.”