Actabl Launches Two-Way Integration for Alice and Transcendent


ATLANTA—Actabl launched its two-way integration between Alice and Transcendent. The integration optimizes hotel operations by allowing real-time cross-departmental collaboration between front of house, housekeeping, and engineering to manage guest requests, guest satisfaction, and visibility and accountability.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the integration enables both teams using Alice and engineers relying on Transcendent to collaborate and communicate within their systems. By creating workflow processes between teams, the integration decreases guest request resolution times and increases productivity.

“We are thrilled to introduce the two-way integration between Alice and Transcendent, representing a significant milestone in our mission to empower hotel operators to provide outstanding service through integrated solutions,” said Anu Sharma, senior vice president of technology and delivery at Actabl. “Making guests happy is at the forefront of everything hoteliers do, and this integration allows them to resolve issues swiftly so they can focus on providing elevated experiences and ultimately increasing guest loyalty.”

“We prioritize our resources to ensure our software suite enhances our customer’s day-to-day operations, growth, and ongoing success. Bringing Transcendent and Alice closer means more than streamlining operation processes to increase efficiency and cost savings,” shares Steven Moore, CEO of Actabl.“It means streamlining operation processes to improve the work day for front of house, housekeeping, and engineering teams so that they can focus on providing great hospitality.”

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