Proud Parent: Adam Glickman on the Hospitality Solutions Under the Actabl Umbrella

Adam Glickman, vice president, strategic marketing of the newly launched hospitality solution company Actabl, sat down with LODGING at The Lodging Conference 2022. There, he described the workings of this new company, which brings together four successfully established hospitality solutions to provide a powerful technology platform in a single source to address a wide range of hotel business and operational needs for efficiency, labor management, profitability maximization, and enhanced guest satisfaction. “The Actabl brand is basically an action-oriented solution to help hotel operators, hotel managers, understand their data, to take that data and provide actionable insights so they can maximize process intelligence,” he says. However, he points out, while they are designed to work together as a system, they offer the advantage of integrating with other intelligence solutions.

What are the platforms that are now under the Actabl umbrella, and what do they do?

They are ProfitSword, Hotel Effectiveness, ALICE, and Transcendent, which, taken together, deliver a unified, modular SaaS-based platform that integrates the vast resources of each brand. Profit Sword and Hotel Effectiveness focus on the business intelligence, forecasting, and planning side, while ALICE and Transcendent focus on hotel operations.

Profit Sword uses AI-powered business intelligence technology to take data from the different platforms and management systems that a management company or a large hotel would use and normalizes it, making it easy to understand so that operators can take action on it. In that way, it provides both an accurate and real-time representation of organizational health, allowing hoteliers to quickly make informed decisions and be made promptly aware of opportunities or risks to organizational growth.

Hotel Effectiveness is a complete labor optimization system that helps hoteliers maximize productivity with limited staff. It offers hotels and hotel management companies the information they need to immediately address staffing volatility and limitations and fluctuating guest demand, providing valuable insights for planning and forecasting.


ALICE is the leading hospitality operations management suite. As such, it provides hotel staff with the most advanced and broad set of tools across front-of-house, housekeeping, and service delivery for maintaining maximum task efficiency and swift guest request response times. It gathers data in real-time from hotel operations and uses insights to optimize operational efficiency and service delivery. As the leading enterprise management software, Transcendent focuses on capital expense management, with the ability to anticipate and prepare for unexpected surprises like equipment failure, and prepare for major expenses—all of which are critical to profits.

What was the main message you wanted to convey at this particular conference?

We introduced our company at HITEC, but we wanted to spread the word about our brand to a broader audience, one with developers, brand teams, and operators. We want them to recognize Actabl as the parent company that brings together four well-established brands, which together provide a comprehensive suite of industry-leading technology solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the global hospitality industry. Our main goal is to help hoteliers maximize profits and revenues with actionable insights so hoteliers can make the most of the information. In line with that goal, Actabl provides all the insight and intelligence today’s hoteliers need to enhance operational efficiency, improve guest experience, and increase profitability at the individual, team, property, and enterprise levels.

There are many examples related to labor—most of which relate to how lowering the cost per occupied room can support profits. For example, before the pandemic, guests would never be asked whether they wanted their room cleaned every day, but with limited staff earning higher wages, cleaning rooms less often is one way to minimize that cost while maximizing labor efficiency. Then, too, is the problem of turnover; using the Hotel Effectiveness platform, we can figure out whether someone new on a team is at risk of resigning by identifying and flagging problems based on different criteria suggesting that a team member is at risk of leaving, so the manager can try to take preventive action. We can also save labor—and cost—by automating some tasks traditionally done manually.

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